Last we checked, the Occupy Wall Street encampment in Zuccotti Park was uprooted on November 15, and with it went the massive police presence that had been blamed for ballooning budgets and an increase in shootings. But when parents in East Harlem called an emergency meeting with police officials on Thursday after a series of daytime shootings, they were told by the head of the 23rd Precinct, Deputy Inspector William Pla, that Occupy Wall Street was keeping officers off their beat in El Barrio. One parent present told the Post, “I was really annoyed that police would tell me that they are busy patrolling a peaceful protest instead of a gunshot-ridden area. That to me is shocking."

Another parent of a six-year-old, Raven Snook, said Pla told them "more cops weren’t possible, ‘due to a lack of manpower because of police being diverted downtown to Occupy Wall Street.' " While there have been large protests since the eviction, did Pla confuse those with the Occupy CUNY demonstrations? Does he not have a subscription to The Daily on his iPad?!

While the Post's lede is a start ("When in doubt, blame the hippies") we're looking forward to tomorrow's cover story and subsequent Andrea Peyser editorial. COPS COP OUT ON COLLARING CROOKS, CURSE CRUSTIES CONTRITELY.