After 12 people were killed in Germany yesterday when a truck driver drove through a Berlin holiday market, the NYPD has heightened their presence at various holiday markets in NYC.

The police department shared an image on social media, showing officers armed with machine guns at one market, with the message, "Our prayers go out to the families of those who lost their lives today in Berlin, those injured, and all who are affected by this tragedy. The #NYPD is monitoring the events in Germany and around the world today. ‪In the cold, during the holidays and every day of the year, this is your #NYPDprotecting."

Deputy Commissioner of Counterterrorism John Miller said today on CBS This Morning: "We don’t see any specific credible threat either going towards the holiday season or in New York. We have made a lot of adjustments based on these kind of attacks." Miller mentioned the NYPD's outreach to truck rental agencies, asking them to alert authorities about any customer exhibiting suspicious behavior while trying to rent trucks under 26,000 pounds without a commercial driver's licenses.

Miller also said that while the police can consider increasing security in high-profile public places, the largest terrorist attack on U.S. soil after 9/11 was the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando. "[There's a] randomness of the targeting," Miller said, explaining that the NYPD has to be "flexible."

Berlin authorities have detained a man who immigrated from Pakistan last year, but are now uncertain if he is the suspect who drove the truck.