The NYPD has arrested a suspect in connection with last week's audacious watch heist in the diamond district. A second suspect, who cops believe was the heist's gunman, is still at large, though the NYPD has released his photograph in hopes the public can help track him down.

Police say that 37-year-old Rondu Frisby was arrested at his home last night and charged with robbery, along with criminal possession of cocaine and of marijuana. Frisby was allegedly an accomplice in the November 11th armed heist, which occurred at Watch Standard Jewelry on West 47th Street and resulted in the theft of about $500,000 worth of luxury watches. The Post reports that Frisby, who lives in Harlem, buzzed the alleged gunman in, though the NYPD has not revealed his suspected role in the robbery.

According to the Post, Frisby was a frequent customer at the jewelry shop, and store owner Daniel Mikhaylov confirmed he was an acquaintance of his, though not an employee. "He is a person that comes by once in a while, like a friend," he told the tabloid. "He started out as a customer who’d buy gifts for his girlfriend." The NYPD says a second suspect, 58-year-old Leon Fenner, is still at large. Fenner was allegedly the gunman Frisby is accused of buzzing in while he posed as a deliveryman, and he pistol-whipped Mikhaylov's father, according to police. A third suspect, who police believe may have stood watch outside the shop during the heist, is also at large.

Sources have told media outlets that the robbery may have been an act of revenge orchestrated by a rival jeweler to whom Mikhaylov owed money, and was merely meant to frighten Mikhaylov. The NYPD has not confirmed this theory, though it makes for a good story.