2007_10_atmbandit.jpgSince last Saturday, at least eight people retrieving money from ATMs were robbed by an armed man. Shortly after released the suspect's name and asking the public for help, the police arrested James Palmer yesterday morning.

The robberies took place on the Lower East Side, Chelsea, and Midtown, at a range of banks such as Chase, Citibank and Washington Mutual. In each robbery, a woman was targeted and the suspect would demand cash while wielding a firearm; the times of the robbery ranged from the afternoon and evening to early morning.

After his seventh robbery, the police released Palmer's information only to discover the suspect had just robbed a woman leaving a Chase bank at 24th and 7th Avenue at 5PM on Friday. Palmer was arrested at a methadone clinic and is being charged with all robberies. Police are warning the public that there may be copycat incidents and to be extra careful at ATMs.

Here are some ATM safety tips from the American Bankers Associations and Mastercard.