The NYPD has arrested and charged a suspect for the January murder of Menachem Stark, and reports indicate he was a construction worker contracted by the late Williamsburg landlord.

Officials confirmed they had a suspect in custody yesterday, and last night they arrested and charged 26-year-old Brooklyn resident Kendel Felix with Stark's murder. And according to the Daily News, Felix told authorities the murder was really a robbery gone wrong. "Felix 'admits they wanted to rob him,'” a source told the tabloid. “They weren't thinking about killing him.”

News reports indicate that Felix was employed with a construction company contracted by Stark; he and and several accomplices allegedly kidnapped Stark and accidentally killed him on the night of January 2nd. Cops reportedly believe that Stark, who owed millions to creditors at the time of his death, underpaid the contractor by around $20,000, and the kidnapping was an attempt to scare money out of him.

According to reports, as investigators initially suspected, Felix allegedly admitted he and two other accomplices pulled Stark into a Dodge Caravan outside Stark's office in South Williamsburg; in the van, Felix says the accomplice sat on Stark's chest and accidentally suffocated him. Two more men have been brought in for questioning, and all three reportedly work for the contractor Stark allegedly stiffed.