NYPD Arrests Another Proud Boy On Misdemeanor Riot & Assault Charges

David Kuriakose
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David Kuriakose Shay Horse

The NYPD has arrested another Proud Boy for his alleged role in an assault on antifascist protesters following an appearance by Gavin McInnes at the Metropolitan Republican Club earlier this month.

David Kuriakose, of Old Westbury, Long Island, was arrested on misdemeanor charges of riot and assault on Thursday, police said. In video captured by journalist Sandi Bachom, the thirty-five-year-old Kuriakose—wearing the Proud Boys uniform of a Fred Perry polo and a MAGA cap—can apparently be seen shoving a protester to the ground, who's then repeatedly stomped on by other members of the group.

He was arraigned on Thursday night, and subsequently released on bail. It's unclear whether Kuriakose turned himself in—as previous Proud Boys had—or was arrested by police.

David Kuriakose (Shay Horse)

So far, five other men affiliated with the far-right nationalist group have been charged, in addition to the three antifascist protesters who were arrested on the night of the incident. The NYPD is still looking for three other Proud Boys and two antifascist protesters involved in the fight, they said.

Two of the previous arrestees, Maxwell Hare and Irvin Antillon, are expected to appear in court on Friday. On Thursday, Jay Kinsman, allegedly the "single most vicious" of the attackers, arrived at Manhattan Criminal Court sporting a brand new look. This time, his Proud Boy forearm tattoo was not visible.

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