A man who allegedly fondled several women on a Q train last week has turned himself in and been arrested, according to police. Cops were able to identify him after a victim snapped a photograph of him and submitted it to the NYPD.

Gothamist was contacted by one of the suspect's victims last week, who told us that the suspect groped and fondled her leg on a southbound Q train on July 21st—he also allegedly fondled a sleeping woman seated next to him. The victim said she was initially reluctant to report the incident after cops refused to investigate an earlier assault on her, but in this instance, cops acted quickly, and disseminated the photo of the suspect.

Indeed, cops say that Jonathan Quirindongo, 32, turned himself in on Sunday after seeing his photo on television news, and was picked out of a lineup by the victim who reported him. The Bronx resident was arrested Monday and charged with forcible touching, sexual abuse and harassment.

Police say Quirindongo's arrest highlights the importance of reporting sexual assault on the subway. "The resolve of victims in these cases is remarkable," Transit Bureau Chief Joseph Fox told amNY. "Each victim that comes forward serves to encourage and empower others to do the same."

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