Hey, look, the NYPD is also the Big "Apple" Police: The police department announced that it arrested 141 people who bought stolen iPads and iPhones. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said, "This was a two-pronged approach to apprehend both thieves and receivers of stolen property. Suspects at both ends of the equation are learning the hard way that ‘victims’ and ‘sellers’ may in fact be undercover police officers."

Thieves have long loved gadgets, especially the iPhone and iPad (pro tip: Don't go jogging with your iPad) and recently the cops have been going undercover to catch the iThieves.

This time around, the Times explains, "For four days this week, undercover officers posed as suppliers of deeply discounted Apple gadgets on street corners and in convenience stores where they believed stolen electronics were being sold. Those arrested — including people who ran or worked in the businesses, and random people on the street — were charged with criminal possession of stolen property."

One business owner told WCBS 2 that one of his workers who was arrested doesn't speak much English, "The police is coming to trick the people to get them. Of course, all of the people in this area do not understanding very clearly." But Kelly says, "It was clear that the devices had been stolen, in their minds."

Forty-two people were arrested in Brooklyn, 41 in Manhattan, 31 in the Bronx, 21 in Queens, and 6 on Staten Island. The stolen items were being offered at $50 to $200.