Earlier this week, the NYPD asked the public for help in identifying and locating a man who allegedly masturbated on an L train while staring at a female passenger. The passenger took a picture of the pervy perp (at right) and gave it to cops; now police have announced that they have arrested a 23-year-old suspect.

The incident occurred on April 18th. The suspect had boarded the Montrose stop in Brooklyn and exited at Union Square Station. The NYPD says the suspect is Kyle Brown of Brooklyn and that he was identified through a line-up (it's unclear if he was located via a CrimeStoppers tip or detective work). Brown was charged with public lewdness.

The L train masturbation incident happened to be one of two reported to cops at Union Square on April 18—there was also this alleged upskirt perv on the 4 train. And let's not forget the other subway masturbator that a reader caught—on film—jerking off on an F train to Queens.