0804smileyface.jpgThe drownings that two retired NYPD detectives linked to a serial killing spree they claim has been underway for over a decade, is being questioned by both the FBI and police commish Ray Kelly.

Newsday reports that yesterday Kelly stated there is "nothing to suggest" that the two men who drowned in New York were victims of a nationwide network of serial killers who are allegedly responsible for approximately 40 deaths since 1997.

The network, dubbed The Smiley Face Gang, allegedly left smiley faces (pictured) spray-painted near 12 of the bodies, but the two New Yorkers (Lawrence Andrews and Patrick McNeill) were not amongst them, leading Kelly to believe that their deaths were accidental.

The FBI also stated that there is no evidence to support the retired detectives theory, and that "the vast majority of these instances appear to be alcohol-related drownings." All of the victims were described as intelligent, college-aged men, and one commenter speculates that John Pike, Ra Ra Riot's drummer who was found drowned last year, may be one of them.

Photo via KTSP.com