This past Friday night, WPLJ DJ Blake Hayes, cabaret and Broadway performer Danny Calvert and another friend were walking down 9th Avenue in Hell's Kitchen when a cigarette butt was thrown at them by a man outside of McCoy's bar, followed by the words, "Keep moving, faggot."

Hayes reports back on his website that they "exchanged words, more and more heated, until he started to approach us, threatening violence. Before we knew it, he had thrown one friend against a car, denting it. The other took two punches to the face, cutting his lip before the bouncer at McCoy's came out and stopped him."

The police were called and five officers arrived; after recounting the incident to them they were told the NYPD wouldn't be taking down their attacker's information, nor would they be able to press charges. As for the dented car, the officers told them, "They're NJ plates, we can't do anything."

The man was let back into the bar by the very bouncer who witnessed the incident and stopped the attack from escalating any further. Hayes now asks that people call McCoy's to challenge that action, and call "the police precinct that refused to take an open complaint—a legal right." We've contacted the NYPD and will update with their comment should we get one.