2006_11_adrienneshelley.jpgA big break in the Adrienne Shelly mystery: the NYPD have arrested a construction worker. He allegedly murdered her and then positioned the body to look like a suicide. And the cause of the crime? Apparently Shelly had complained about noise in the building. CBS reports:

Prosecutors have charged a man with murdering actress Adrienne Shelly, who was found hanging from a shower rod in her West Village office last Wednesday, CBS 2 News has learned. Sources tell CBS 2’s Ti-Hua Chang a construction worker has allegedly confessed to the crime.

Police have charged 19-year-old Diego Pillco, of the 300-block of Prospect Avenue in Brooklyn, with second degree murder.

Sources tell CBS 2’s Ti-Hua Chang that Pillco, a construction worker, apparently confessed to the crime.

Pillco allegedly punched the 5-foot-2 actress after she complained about the noise he was making in the West Village apartment building where her office is located, killing her.

He then allegedly admitted to dragging the body up to her office, and positioning her in the shower to make her death look like a suicide.

Unbelievably sad. The family held a memorial service for Shelley at Riverside Chapel; over 750 people showed up.