While there was talk last week of the Senate passing an unemployment benefits extension for another 22 weeks, the Senate was unable to quickly approve the measure—which means that some New Yorkers will be hit hard. The NY Times reports, "That lapse will leave about 37,000 residents of the state...without benefits this week, and will force others to contemplate applying for food stamps or other forms of welfare that they had never considered."

NY State has already extended unemployment benefits to 79 weeks, apparently the longest in state history. Not that many of the longterm unemployed want to be unemployed that long: A construction worker from Mastic told the Times that he's been looking for jobs, "I’ve been to every store at the Tanger outlet mall. I’ve been to every deli around here." While he wants his union to call him for a job, he's still number 20 on a waitlist, "If they call me in for anything, I don’t care what it is, I’ll run right there. If they tell me I got to stand on a pole and juggle, I’ll do that. I want to work."

The NY State Department of Labor has a Twitter account—most recently updating followers that no Senate vote was taken on the benefits extension—and a Facebook account, where it actually does try to answer some people's questions posted to the wall.