On Friday, Mayor Bloomberg, Police Commissioner Kelly and Fire Commissioner Scoppetta reminded the public that consumer fireworks are illegal and dangerous (watch the ones over the Hudson instead!) and urged them to call 311 to report fireworks. Bloomberg said, "This should be a time to celebrate. Something we look back on with nothing but good memories. How would you feel if one of your family members or friends was really badly injured or worse? The other thing is, how would you like to be arrested?" Staten Island is getting much of the attention, with the cops and fire department busting people who return from buying fireworks in Pennsylvania. S.I. Borough Commander Chief Stephen Paragallo told NY1, "The type of residences in the other boroughs, excluding Staten Island, generally play into not having these large shows, block party-type shows. Not to say they don't happen in the other boroughs, but not to the degree they happen here." Flashback: The 2007 fireworks fracas, which resulted in 19 arrests on Staten Island.