Mayor Michael Bloomberg's approval ratings are up since August which may mean that even if you're a stiff, marble-mouthed billionaire who brings the Republican Convention into a blue city, people can still like you. Gothamist loved how NY Times reporter Jennifer Steinhauer put it into perspective: "[It seems like] a year spent doing things like playing boccie in Queens, doling out public works goodies in Staten Island and enduring abuse at community meetings is starting to pay off." Heh. You can't forget about the Mayor's attempts to seem a like a regular guy, such as taking the subway. The Post has an interesting spin on the numbers:

Forty-five percent of voters said he does, while 49 percent concluded he doesn't. That was as close to a positive grade that the billionaire mayor — accused by his critics of being out of touch — has come in three years on the empathy issue.

The Mayor should be pleased, but shouldn't get too excited - the Quinnipiac University poll also showed that if an election were held between Bloomberg and Fernando Ferrer today, Ferrer would win, 45-40 percent.

Yesterday, the Mayor was talking campaign finance and how new regulations, to allow opponents spend more, are bogus. His opponents are saying "Cry me a river," given that Mayor Bloomberg spent $75 million of his own money for his 2001 run. And Gothamist on the Mayor's approval ratings.