2011 is almost over and that means it is again time for Google to release its annual Zeitgeist report on what people searched for this year. The top ten list of "fastest-rising global queries" are mostly understandable (Rebecca Black, Casey Anthony, Steve Jobs, Fukushima) with a few that are a little more surprising (the late Jackass Ryan Dunn, Google +, Battlefield 3). But it is when drill down into the searches that things get interesting.

Really though, there's simply a ton of info to sift through here. For example: MySpace was the fastest falling global search term, the Murdoch wiretapping scandal was a faster rising national search term than the Weiner scandal, and people in America were very curious as to what Love, Twitter and Planking are.

But what were the top searches in the metro area this year? Why, the "Mta" of course! Followed by "Nj Transit," "Hopstop," "Dmv Ny," "Con Edison," "Hurricane Irene Path," "Nycdoe," "Ezpass," "Brooklyn Public Library," and, in a left-field surprise, "Brooklyn Bowl." Apparently New Yorkers, when they aren't worried about commuting, education, and avoiding natural disasters are really into two-year old bowling alleys (starting the year with your fried chicken recipe in the seems to help).

Really though you'll have more fun just exploring yourself. Or, just sit back and watch the sweet/shameless self-advertising video Google made reviewing the year: