Yesterday we posted a top 10 list of NYC's ugliest buildings according to the AIA Guide to New York City. However, these are not the opinions of AIANY, they are only the opinions of the guide's authors. AIANY Communications Director Emily Nemens must be getting death threats from Renzo Piano, because we've gotten several panicked messages today regarding this clarification. She explains: "[We] are proud of our history with this book (the first edition was published by the chapter in 1967), but it is an independent publication now, which we are happy to help publicize because of its attention to design quality."

In fact, where the guide's authors panned the NY Times Building, AIA's Executive Director Rick Bell tells The Real Deal that it's one of his favorites! Bell tells us, "There is no list of the ten ugliest buildings in the Guide. There are some harsh criticisms, to be sure," but there is no definitive list.

This is all so confusing! But please stop calling Ms. Nemens with your criticisms of their criticisms, because they aren't really her or the organization's criticisms! Just some opinions of someone who puts a book out under the organization's name.