A report about the quality of life in NYC boroughs, as seen by community leaders, was released yesterday by Citizens for NYC, an organization that investigates how to make the neighborhoods in the city better. It turns out that the top quality-of life concern in New York is dangerous intersections, followed by vandalism and graffiti, excessive street noise and traffic congestion. Broken down by borough, the top concerns were:
Bronx - drug dealing and littering;
Manhattan - street noise and air pollution;
Staten Island - overdevelopment and traffic congestion;
Brooklyn and Queens - graffiti, vandalism, and dangerous intersections

You can see how NYC's concerns match up against the nation's in the report (PDF); unsurprisingly, New Yorkers tend to deal with city agencies more frequently than average Americans, take a more negative view of how our agencies are doing, and are more sensitive to the problems around us (probably since we live so close to each other). Gothamist doesn't know exactly what to make of the information since it's a little unsurprising and more a confirmation of things we have always suspected. At any rate, since bureaucracy loves numbers, charts, fact and figures, if this information can be used to lobby for more funds to build better neighborhoods, we're all for it.

A few other stats about how NYers feel about city services.