Mayor Bloomberg had a lot to smile about, as he announced that New York City's crime rate was historic lows in 2004. NYC is still the safest big city in the U.S., reducing crime in all five boroughs, and is on track to have less than 600 murders for a third year in a row. Gothamist read the press release and found these points telling:
- Crime is down 5% citywide; specific drops included 11.5% for grand larceny auto, 8.6% for burglary, 6.7% robberies, 5.1% rapes, 3.6% assaults, 4.4% murder (grand larceny increased by 2.1%).
- Queens had the biggest decrease in crime, with a drop of 7.5%; Brooklyn (4.7%), Staten Island (4.3%), the Bronx (3.3%), and Manhattan (2.9%) followed.
- The most comprehensive list to date of the NYPD's "Operation" initiatives: Operation Impact (reduction and prevention of serious crime in Impact Zones; Operation Spotlight (focusing on chronic misdemeanor offenders); Operation Safe Housing (it's about having safe public housing); Operation Clean Sweep (quality of life improvement); Operation Silent Night (noise reduction)

Expect the Mayor to bandy these stats about until he is re-elected.