Joel Schumacher

News that the Department of Education is rolling out an ad campaign targeted to new teaching recruits as well as elevating perceptions about teaching and teachers is great. Gothamist has always felt that they are underrated, underpaid, and one of the most important things of any thriving community. So we're a little concerned that film director Joel Schumacher has directed the commercials. Joel Schumacher (who is a very nice person) is very hit-or-miss as a director. For every The Lost Boys, there's a Dying Young. For Tigerland, there's 8MM. And let's not mention the nipple and crotch plates for the Batman movies. But Gothamist will just hope for the best, beacuse this is the man that brought us St. Elmo's Fire. The ads start running today, on the local TV stations (Channels 2, 4, 5, 7, and 11, plus some cable).

The Times article notes the recruitment problems the city has had; we suggest you supplement that with a very interesting article about recruitment and attrition of city teachers from City Limits magazine. Also, the city's press release about the recruitment effort and the new Teach NYC website