For the eigth year in a row, Dunkin Donuts has dominated as the most ubiquitous chain in New York City. They've expanded their reach 32% over the past year, with 568 locations now open in the five boroughs, 124 more than any other chain in the city. Your move, Chick-fil-A.

This year's State of the Chains [PDF], compiled by the Center for an Urban Future, looks pretty similar to last year's list, with Subway trailing Dunkin' with 444 locations, Metro PCS with 323, Starbucks with 307 and Duane Reade/Walgreens also with 307. Overall, the city saw a 1% increase of national retail chains between 2014 and 2015, one of the lowest increases in the eight years the institute has been conducting this study.

Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens were the only boroughs to experience net increases in the number of national retailers, while the net number of locations declined in Manhattan and on Staten Island. Between 2014 and 2015 the number of chain store outlets in Brooklyn increased by 2.6 percent, going from 1,592 stores last year to 1,633 stores this year, the number in the Bronx increased 3.3 percent—from 914 stores in 2014 to 944 stores in 2015 and in Queens the number of locations increased 0.8 percent—from 1,735 stores in 2014 to 1,749 stores in 2015. The largest percentage de-crease was on Staten Island, which went from 425 stores to 420, a decrease of 1.2 percent, followed by Manhattan (-0.1 percent—from 2,807 stores to 2,804).


Other fun facts from the study:

  • Starbucks has 220 locations in Manhattan, more than any other chain in the borough, and the only chain to top Dunkin' Donuts in a specific borough

  • There are now 14 retailers with 100 or more stores across the five boroughs, down from 16 last year

  • Baja Fresh, Ecko Unltd., Frederick’s of Hollywood, Montblanc, and Underground by Journeys were the five national retailers who closed all of their NYC outlets this year

  • Overall, there are 7,550 chain retail outlets in NYC. Manhattan has the most chain stores at 2,804; Staten Island has the fewest at 420

  • Despite its 2nd place ranking, Subway decreased its NYC footprint by 18% over the last year. As reported, McDonald's also shrank its presence by 11%, as did Duane Read, with both retailers closing closing 11 outlets over the five boroughs.

Still, would it kill us to get a Cheesecake Factory?