Spring enveloped us in its first nearly sun-kissed embrace yesterday, stripping New Yorkers of their jackets and sparking debates over appropriate warm weather footwear. But just because you no longer fear frostbite doesn't mean our once-voluptuous snow banks are just going to surrender. For instance:

Presumably once the very image of Denali, this snow bank seems to be using dirt particles and pieces of trash to maintain its mountainous shape, and to shield its icy base from warmth. Then again, you have to give this guy props for his survival skills—a month ago, this bad boy wouldn't have even made our rankings, and now he's a wizened veteran, destined to spend the next few years/hours terrorizing young trash piles with a cane fashioned from one of the tree branches stuck in his craw.

And he's not alone:

I might be willing to bet money that this is the last remaining pile of snow in New York City.

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This snow bank is much prettier, but doesn't boast the same sharp character as our friend above. Note that this photo was taken several hours before the one of our ferocious star, so it's not unfathomable that this guy's since been significantly reduced, particularly since he doesn't have the same protective layer of filth.

It will be 64 degrees today, and it will rain, but deep down inside we know it doesn't matter—these last militant snowbanks will bury us all.