Back in July, it was announced that professional lacrosse had come to NYC and that the team would need a new name. So, the new name was announced: The New York Titans. And, boy, does that sounds good...for Tennessee! Now, the Tennessee Titans don't have a deathlock on the word Titan, but how unoriginal was the NY Empire Lacrosse management to choose a write-in name like that? At least "Tennessee Titans" has alliteration. Anyway, NY Titans president George Daniel said, "The overwhelming choice of the fans is Titans. The image of New York is one of power. The name Titans captures that." Whatever - it's still lame.

Do you think the name is good? And here's the NY Titans website - their season starts in January.

Photograph of New York Titan Ryan Boyle by Henny Ray Abrams/AP