After topping Trip Advisor's list of the dirtiest hotels in the country in 2009, Times Square's Hotel Carter was miraculously absent from last year's top ten list. But they're back! Hotel Carter was named the nation's 4th dirtiest hotel, and is the dirtiest hotel in the city. But as Hotel Carter employee Karen told us, "They're from Europe and expect a 5-star room for $100."

The Europeans (and Americans) certainly have harped on the hotel's conditions. One man from England wrote, “MICE! MICE! MICE! YOU EXPECT BUDGET, YOU DONT EXPECT GASTRIC!," while another from the Netherlands wrote, “My daughter said: This is Disney's Tower of Terror." But others seemed to defend the hotel's cost, and suggested you shouldn't be spending all of your time in your hotel room anyway. One Canadian wrote, "This Hotel is 1 block from times square, its close to the subway as well. Rooms arent cleaned everyday (maybe every 3rd I think) but really who needs fresh towels everyday?"

As for plans to get off the list, Karen told us that "it's an old building" but "if something is wrong we'll fix it." However, there will be no "major renovations" in the future. Points for honesty? At least we can find comfort in the fact that we'll never need to stay there, and can direct tourists to their doors if they cross us.