2008_08_gapray.jpgHundreds of Georgians living in NYC, which has the largest enclave of Gerogians in the country, prayed for the Georgian-Russian conflict to end at a Georgian Orthodox church in Williamsburg yesterday. While a cease-fire was signed last week, St. Nino's Father Alexander Tandilashvili told NY1, "They said several times that they are going to stop the fire, but fire continues. Now they are stop the fire but concerns to the withdrawal of the troops. I would love to see that they keep their word, but they already broke their word several times so it's very difficult to believe what they say." As it happens, though Russia agreed to withdraw from Georgia over the weekend, U.S. officials say, per the NY Times, that Russian military is "moving launchers for short-range ballistic missiles into South Ossetia, a step that appeared intended to tighten its hold on the breakaway territory."