In 2015 we declared the Bryant Park bathroom one of the best in the city, thanks to its surprisingly lovely architecture, fresh potted flowers, mosaic-tiled toilets, and general all-around cleanliness. On a recent visit, however, I discovered the bathroom was not nearly as nice as I remembered, and it definitely smelled weird. And indeed it appears I was not alone in my assessment—in fact, the Bryant Park bathroom is getting an upgrade, so hopefully they've removed that offending odor.

The Times reports
that the Bryant Park bathroom is getting a $280K makeover, which will include new wall tiles, a modern air-conditioning system, and original artwork depicting Bryant Park, in case you were too busy looking for a bathroom to take a look at the park IRL. The famed "fresh flowers" will remain, as will the attendants who work so hard to keep the bathroom pristine.

But the most important piece of information in the Times piece is this: the bathroom "will have sleek Toto toilets and fixtures." I went to a Toto toilet party last year and used one of their toilets, and BY GOD these babies are gems. I'm fairly certain the Bryant Park toilets won't have heated seats, bidets and air dryers, but if they're even one-third as innovative as the cyborg I sat on in September, park visitors who need to pee are in for a real treat.

Note that there's a reason the Bryant Park bathroom is so much better than most other public bathrooms in this toilet desert of a town—the bathroom's upkeep is handled by the Bryant Park Corporation, a non-profit that has for decades used private funding to improve the park. They're currently spending $271,000-a-year to maintain this magnificent restroom. Yes, these bathrooms probably cost more than your annual salary, but 3,200 people used them per day in 2016, so perhaps we should be thankful the group spends so much money keeping the toilet seat-sourced E. coli and staphylococcus at bay.

Bryant Park's bathrooms will reopen at the end of the month. Now please enjoy this video of me talking about toilets On The TV News: