The National Weather Service has declared an Excessive Heat Warning with temperatures expected to feel up to 110 degrees. (Does it really matter after we hit a face-melting 100?) The warning will continue until 9 p.m. Monday night, but expect to feel the heat all week long, as temperatures will continue to feel in the triple digits.

In a press release from the Mayor's Office, the New York City Emergency Department and the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene are notifying New Yorkers to use caution in this dreaded climate:

An Excessive Heat Warning is issued when a combination of heat and humidity is expected to make it feel like it is 105 degrees or greater. New Yorkers should use air conditioning to stay cool at home or go to a place that has air conditioning. New York City cooling centers will remain open throughout the five boroughs through Wednesday, July 4. Cooling centers are air-conditioned facilities such as libraries, community centers, senior centers, and NYCHA facilities that are open to the public during heat emergencies. To find a cooling center, including accessible facilities closest to you, call 311 (212-639-9675 for Video Relay Service, or TTY: 212-504-4115) or visit the NYC Cooling Center Finder at

“The hot weather will continue into the week and we urge people to keep safe,” said New York City Emergency Management Commissioner Joseph Esposito. “Drink plenty of water, use air conditioning or go to an air-conditioned place, and avoid strenuous outdoor activity during the periods of intense heat.”

In addition to keeping cool, the city suggests that New Yorkers check in on vulnerable people such as the elderly and sick. And that pet owners keep an eye on their furry friends.

The Parks Department will extend its swim hours until 8 p.m. starting on Tuesday, July 3rd. To check out where the closest cooling center is click here. (And there's always jumping in a fountain, which is totally legal.) And to find your local ice cream truck, listen for the maddening jingle (and hope it's not coming from a kiosk). Speaking of, what's your go to?