2006_03_crayons.jpgThe Brookings Institution released a study of recent US Census data that show some fascinating trends about the country's make-up. The NY Times seizes on the fact that whites will soon be a minority in the NYC area - not just New York City itself, but in its suburbs as well. Here are highlights:
- In NYC, blacks are now below 30% of the city's population, as they are moving out to the suburbs and to the South
- Whites dropped from 54.2% to 52.% between 200 and 2004 in the NYC-area ("the city, Long Island, the northern suburbs, northern New Jersey and northeastern Pennsylvania, but not Connecticut")
- The only two other metropolitan areas (500,000 people or more) in the country where non-white races "exceed their share of the national population" are Houston and Honolulu

The article also mentions that now immigrants may move directly into the suburbs, where there are established cultural communities. Professor Andrew Beveridge, a Queens College demographer, sums it up: "The New York metropolitan area is becoming more like the city, and the nation's metropolitan areas are becoming more like New York." Gothamist is interested in this change: While there will most likely be racial as well as newcomer-vs.-"native" tensions, we rather the 'burbs be a reflection of what life really is, than a lily-white all the time. The next questions will be whether or not some of these smaller towns are equipped to deal with such a diverse community.

Read the study yourself: Diversity Spreads Out