2006_08_babyfood.jpgMayor Bloomberg emphasized that the city's reaction to the British airline terror plot was appropriate and that the city had been informed. During yesterday's Dominican Day Parade, the mayor said, "We were informed; I'm not at liberty to tell you specifics. In this case, we didn't really have to do any more; we've already kept the city at Level Orange in terms of our threat assessment since back at 9/11." And when asked about not going public with certain information, he said, "When you have an operation like this you are always struggling with how much do you tell people and how much do you run the risks of leaks and shutting down the investigation and letting the terrorists go through." Unless it's a subway terror plot the night you were invited for a mayoral debate - then it's okay to go public.

The Department of Homeland Security has lowered the terror threat for flights to and from Britain. And passengers are allowed to bring prescription drugs, solid lipsticks and baby food and baby formula/breast milk on planes. We bet some mommy puts her lip balm in baby food container. But what about contact lens solution in contact lens cases? Are those allowed? Recent travelers - we want to know!