The city unveiled its $30 hurricane evacuation plan ($30 mil sounds a little chintzy to us, for some reason), and Mayor Bloomberg said that the city will force people evacuate if "there is an imminent danger to their lives." In other words, we're not going to have a Katrina style mess. The city went through how different categories of storms could affect residents, with a Category 4 storm necessitating the evacuation of 3+ million people (with 34,000 city staffers working for 9 days!). And don't worry - public transport will be free in case of one of these emergencies.

A Cat 3 storm could, as the NY Times puts it, "hit the New York area yet, flood waters could reach as far inland as central Brooklyn or to the northeast corner of Central Park." There will be 509 shelters and 65 evacuation centers around the city, using the "solar system" concept - 5-10 shelters flow to the evacuation centers. The plan, which has taken nine months (it was first mentioned last September), is getting praise, but we want to know about the hurricane plan testing!

So, what city wants you to do:
- Go to the Office of Emergency Management website and find out where your evacuation center is and develop a plan for you and your family
- Prepare a Go Bag (it's been almost five years since September 11 and we don't know anyone who has...but there's no time like the present!)
- Prepare an emergency kit (helpful for any situation, not just disasters)

Read the OEM's 2006 hurricane brochure (PDF).