2008_10_parktix.jpgA House Transportation Committee report stated, "Essentially, all of Lower Manhattan is a free parking lot for government vehicles," confirming what we all know: Government vehicles park illegally! But here's the icing: The biggest parking ticket scofflaws are the government. The NYPD ran up $193,000 in unpaid tickets, the FBI had $34,908, and State Department had $28,33 in unpaid violations. An FBI spokeswoman said, "Parking in New York City is a huge challenge. Parking facilities do not exist for the majority of F.B.I. vehicles assigned to the New York division.” Still, the report blames "lax fleet management practices" for allowing government employes to take advantage of the system and create unsafe conditions for others. For more on bad parking practices stemming from government-issued permits, check out Uncivil Servants. Photo: kerfuffle & zeitgeist