The plaintiffs in the NYCLU's lawsuit against New York City spoke up about why they felt the subway bag checks violated their rights. The NYCLU has profiles of the plaintiffs, including why they filed the lawsuit. Norman Murphy told an officer he couldn't check his bag, and ended up walking to another subway station, while Andrew Schonebaum had his bag searched and a police officer said, "Aren't you happy to have your bag searched?" What's interesting is that the plaintiffs, besides all being men, combined have characteristics like "9/11 survivor," "son of police captain," "immigrant turned naturalized citizen," "Republican, and "commuter from NJ." Mayor Bloomberg criticized the lawsuit (of course, because he's getting sued!), saying, "It's a small price to pay to stay safe in this day and age." Yes, a day and age when NYC is run like a police state! Imagine how much Rudy Giuliani wishes he could be bearing down on us with strong-arm tactics.

You can read about the NYCLU's lawsuit in this PDF.