In the heart of what is supposed to be a big hurricane season, the New York City is going to test its hurrivane evacuation plans in the Rockaways this July. Sadly, the public cannot sign up for the drill, which will instead involve "500-700 emergency workers and civilian workers," according to Newsday. The drill will take place at a school, so it's not like the Office of Emergency Management is testing gridlock or routing - just inflow to evacuation centers and how workers deal with angry/scared New Yorkers. (The Mayor said the city's hurricane plans were good, but the OEM has been looking them over.)

Remember, NYC is supposedly overdue for a hurricane. The Office of Emergency Management is updating their "hurricane evacuation center locator" but you can see where one is in your neighborhood by looking at these maps. And Gothamist has been very curious about the OEM's terror drills.