Mayor Bloomberg just Tweeted, "We won't make couples wait any longer than they have to. City Clerk offices will be open Sunday, July 24 - the 1st day of marriage equality"! From the city's press release:

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn and City Clerk Michael McSweeney announced the New York City Clerk’s offices in all five boroughs will be open for a full day of business on Sunday, July 24th and fully prepared to implement New York State’s new Marriage Equality Law for all couples, whether same or opposite sex. In addition, from Monday, July 25th through Friday, July 29th, all five City Clerk Offices will stay open two hours later than usual. The Mayor, Speaker and Clerk also announced that New York State judges will volunteer to perform ceremonies and review waiver requests of New York State’s 24 hour marriage waiting period on Sunday, July 24th...

For one time only, all five City Clerk’s Offices will be open from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM on a Sunday, July 24th. Because of the large volume handled by these offices, applicants must be through the office’s doors by 3:45 PM to be guaranteed service. For the rest of the week of July 25th, all five City Clerk’s office locations will be open from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM, and applicants will have to be through the doors by 5:45 to be guaranteed service.

Bloomberg said, "New York City became the greatest city in the world because we are the freest city, a place where all people have the freedom to be who they are, to worship as they wish, and to love whom they choose. Achieving marriage equality is the next big step in our City’s long march toward full freedom, and on July 24th, wedding bells will ring out in all five boroughs," while Quinn, who is a lesbian, said, "So many of us have waited a lifetime for the day we could see full equality for all New York families, now that day is finally in sight. The City of New York will be the place to be on July 24th and we are proud to welcome all couples and their families to have a meaningful ceremony in the Clerk’s office, right here in the greatest city on earth."

The marriage equality bill passed on June 24 and was signed into law that night by Governor Cuomo, but it still takes 30 days for a law to go into effect. And NYC, which knows that gay marriage will make us all rich, is planning a big effort to optimize the long-awaited law.