With the city council approving a measure to bring twenty new public bathrooms to the city, Newsday looks at the places that need public bathrooms:

Public toilets10. The Brooklyn Promenade
9. Museum Mile
8. Upper East Side jogging trail
7. 125 St. & Lenox Ave.
6. St. Patrick's Cathedral
5. The Top of the Brooklyn Bridge
4. At the TKTS booth in Times Square
3. In Battery Park near the Liberty Island boat
2. On Canal Street at the entrance to the Holland Tunnel
1. Outside David Letterman's studio

Gothamist feels no compunction to storm into various establishments to use their bathrooms so we don't think we have any requests for where the new bathrooms should be placed...we'd just like 'em clean and stocked with toilet paper. That goes for bathrooms of the dive bars we go to as well as public bathrooms. Newsday also gives a rundown of public bathrooms around the city you can use with minimal fuss from proprietors.

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