2006_05_sprockets.jpgIf you suddenly start to feel like you're in the mood for Schumann or long for a ride on the Rheinbahn, you're not going crazy, you're just experiencing the effect of an ad swap NYC is doing with Dusseldorf. Starting June 19, the city will devote outdoor space pimping the city on the Rhine - in return, of course, for signage in Dusseldorf, starting May 29. The Daily News says that the city hopes this will "be beginning of advertising swaps with cities around the world."

If you're in Dusseldorf, take pictures of the NYC advertising and email them to us or tag them on Flickr with "gothamist" - we'll be looking out for the Dusseldorf ads. And the World Cup is in Germany this year - with matches near Dusseldorf.