The city will debut a special limited-edition condom package next fall, and the Health Department is holding a contest to pick the new look. They're calling for designs that reflect NYC's "distinctive culture and style while also promoting safer sex." As they put it on the website, "Maybe you’ve admired the NYC Condom’s sleek package design. Maybe you even own one or two of the 41 million the Health Department gave away last year. We’re not about to abandon the now-iconic package, but we want to keep things interesting." (But "not raunchy"!) So what does the winner get?

Well, the city isn't offering any cash or other prizes, but let's face it, if you get your design on millions of condoms and can't get some tail out of it, you're just not trying. The deadline is midnight on January 22nd, and as you can see here, you've already got some stiff competition from Gothamist. Stay in touch with all the latest NYC condom news by signing up to receive condom-related Tweets.