Last year, the Health Department unveiled its free NYC Condoms on Valentine's Day. For this year's Valentine's Day, not only will volunteers from the Health Department be distributing condoms again, there's a new packaging and a new ad campaign with the tag "Get Some."

Don't worry - the condom is the same lubricated Lifestyles latex condom as before. The Health Department gave out 36 million NYC Condoms last year and Assistant Commissioner for HIV Prevention and Control Dr. Monica Sweeney said, "The NYC Condom has shown us what a sexy brand can do for safer sex...I hope the fresh look will help even more New Yorkers protect themselves from infection and unintended pregnancy in 2008.”

NYC Condom ad - "Harlem"

The new ad campaign features TV (see one spot here), print and online ads in English and Spanish. (The Spanish tagline is actually "pontelo" - "put it on.") They also feature couples in different settings - Brooklyn, Harlem and the Village - and different kinds of couples (two heterosexual and one homosexual).

NYC Condom ad - "The Village"

Street teams will be handing out these condoms tomorrow, during the morning and evening (8AM-10AM and 5-7PM, or as otherwise noted) commutes at these 14 locations:
- 59th Street - Columbus Circle
- 42nd Street - Grand Central
- 42nd Street - Times Square
- Penn Station (morning only)
- 14th Street - Union Square
- Brooklyn Bridge - City Hall

- Wall Street and Broadway (evening hours are 4 – 6 pm)
- Fulton and Nassau Streets (evening hours are 4 – 6 pm)
- Whitehall Street – South Ferry
- 125th Street, by the Apollo Theatre
- 149th & Grand Concourse - Bronx
- Queensboro Plaza - Queens
- Atlantic Avenue Station – Brooklyn (morning only)
- Borough Hall/Court Street – Brooklyn

NYC Condom ad - "Brooklyn"
Check out the Health Department's NYC Condom website for more information, including where you can get free NYC Condoms. There's even information for female condoms (PDF).