Frank Gehry designs for the Nets

The billion dollar Brooklyn dreams of developer Bruce Ratner were unveiled yesterday, with the centerpiece being the Frank Gehry designed arena. Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz said, "Forget the Dodgers – Brooklyn’s future is the Nets." He added, "We are on the threshold of restoring Brooklyn to its rightful place on the national sports stage. Brooklyn, as everyone knows, is a world class city, and it deserves a world class team playing in a world class arena designed by a world class architect." Our man Marty, once you same world class for the third time, it loses meaning, though we get your point.

The entire development plan, aside from Ratner's $275 million bid to buy the Nets, is estimated at $2.5 million, with investors such as Ratner and Jay–Z. Yes, the Hova. Hizzoner was there, and Mayor Bloomberg said, "We’re at the beginning of the process. We don’t have the Nets yet. You better get them." Get them, then develop the commercial and residential parts on top of the railroad yards plus bulldoze a residential block in Prospect Heights.

The Times' Herbert Muschamp on the plan: "A Garden of Eden grows in Brooklyn. This one will have its own basketball team. Also, an arena surrounded by office towers; apartment buildings and shops; excellent public transportation; and, above all, a terrific skyline, with six acres of new parkland at its feet. Almost everything the well-equipped urban paradise must have, in fact."