The City's Board of Elections announced that over 100,000 new voters were registered last week. City Democrats are happy, because most new voters are probably Democratic-leaning (the Post notes that the city has a 5:1 ratio of Democrats:Republicans). The last mayoral election in 2001 was decided by less than 100,000 votes, but Gothamist thinks that November 2001 is a very different time from October 2004. Granted, there is over a year for the Mayor to screw up or get better, but we agree with former City Council speaker Peter Vallone Sr. who says Mayor Bloomberg is "in the driver's seat."

There are over 4.1 million voters in NYC (last counted in March). Be sure to vote. Check with the Board Elections to see where you vote. And learn more about candidates in your area - besides choosing a President on November 2, you'll be voting for your representatives in the Senate, Congress, State Senate, State Assembly, and courts; here's a tentative list of candidates.