There's a NY Times article about NYC TV, our city's TV station, and basically crediting the turnaround from just showing City Council meetings and mayor press conferences to showcasing more cultural and social offerings, like short films, shows about hip-hop in the city, and what do for $9.99 in one day. But some critics, like City Councilwoman Gale Brewer, think the shows are too much about tourism and stuff that doesn't matter to real New Yorkers, "What are we learning from it? They're focusing on tourists and visitors rather than on New Yorkers who need basic services and want to know what their elected officials are doing." To which Deputy Mayor Edward Skyler says he enjoys "What's Cooking at Gracie" because his "idea of cooking is cereal."

Gothamist does enjoy Blueprint NYC and anything that takes us "behind the scenes." But we have to admit, after watching mayoral spokesman Jordan Barowitz on "What's Cooking at Gracie?", (the episode up at Arthur Avenue) we couldn't really read a press statement from him in the same way again. But the episode did inspire us to go to Arthur Avenue, so all is good.