Are pigs flying? Has hell frozen over? am New York finds some glorious information buried in the MTA's 2007 budget: The MTA will be adding service improvements to the L and G lines.

Starting next spring, New York City Transit will run more trains on the overcrowded L during both peak and off-peak hours. Then in 2008, the G train -- long called the "step child" of the MTA -- will begin running south to five more Brooklyn stops.

"That's terrific," said Assemb. Joe Lentol (D-Brooklyn), who has long said his Greenpoint and Williamsburg district needs more subway service.

"They finally found this area is developing and I'm happy they caught up to the times."

That's the MTA - about two years behind schedule. Better late than never, at least. It was only this past summer that the MTA admitted the L train was too crowded, with its ridership practically doubling in ten years. NYC Transit spokesman Charlie Seaton said, "It was the unforeseen explosion in population of the Williamsburg-Greenpoint corridor and the resulting increase in train ridership." We bet a bunch of real estate brokers are rejoicing and updating their sell materials.

It's unclear whether the service improvements will also include making sure trains and stations don't always smell like sewage - here's the Save the G website.

Photograph of crowded L train from lauratitian on Flickr