2005_04_reuterl.jpgThe MTA continued to try to appease the public with NYC Transit President Lawrence Reuter's admission that he understood riders' unhappiness with recent service. Newsday has the soundbite: "It's clear that we've probably had, you know, that the staff and I had a perception issue" versus the public on subway service. Well, Gothamist will take that, plus a big helping of fixing the subways, over nothing, but we still think you're a chucklehead. You know it's bad when Governor Pataki has to weigh in, considering Pataki never helps NYC with giving the MTA more money. What's interesting is that the MTA once again assued the media that Reuter's job was safe.

In other subway news, the Post reports that the NYPD has increased its subway "stop-and-frisks" by 235% to cut down on subway crime (although there are some allegations of racial profiling) and the robot trains on the L won't running until next year, not this summer, because the MTA wants to do more testing.