Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the ECO Saver IV! By the end of the year, five of these 42-foot-long hybrid electric babies will be rolled out by NYC Transit, which may purchase as many as 80 if they perform as good as they look. As you can see here, the sleek design is accentuated by a front windshield which curves upward into a smile of blissful environmental friendliness. The Eco Saver IV's electric motor is powered by a battery pack, which is charged by a turbine engine, and Joseph Smith, NYC Transit's bus chief, tells the Daily News, "It's so quiet you don't even know it's running."

Because the smiley bus can run on battery power, it has zero emissions 20% of the time. And James Gaspard, the VP of the company that designed it (DesignLine), points out that "most of the parts that go bad on a regular bus don't exist on this bus." Those non-existent parts include the transmission, alternator, starter and water pump. Your move, non-smiling double decker bus.

Below, more details on the ECO Saver IV's specifications for the transit aficionados out there:

Design Line Hybrid Electric Turbine Bus Features and Specifications

  • The bus is powered by a 30KW Turbine that produces AC Power to feed nominal 600 Volt DC batteries
  • Uses GAIA Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Has two 3 Phase AC Bosch Motors
  • The turbine rotates at 96,00RPM on air bearings
  • It weighs 30,640 lbs
  • It seats 35 or 37 depending on the configuration with 30 standees
  • Its expected to attain mileage comparable to our current hybrids
  • Has efficient LED Lighting System by Pretoria
  • Electrically operated Air Compressor by Hydrovane, Power Steering Pump by Vickers and Lift- U Wheelchair Ramp
  • Unitized Electrically Operated Air Conditioning Unit by Sutrak with Sealed Copeland Scroll Compressors
  • Has Knorr-Bremse Disc Brakes, ZF Axles and Suspension
  • Bus was built in Charlotte, North Carolina