With possibility of Hurricaine Jeanne pouring on some heavy rains, NYC transit officials are bracing themselves for commuter chaos. Most meterologists don't think the city will get hit too hard, but as we know from a few weeks ago, lots of rain in a short amount of time means commuting nightmares. Our new thoughts about how to combat transit delays: Just treat yourself when you get home - a drink, a piece of chocolate, watching one of MTV's horrible yet addictive reality shows. And in terms of rain gear, we're fond of these MTA umbrellas.

More on the weather from Gothamist Weather. And, yesterday, a tunnel fire caused major chaos at Penn Station, as train service for the LIRR, NJ Transit, and Amtrak was affected and diverted. The NY Times found one commuter rather calm: "He shrugged off the aggravation, saying he was used to crowds and lines because he was from India. 'That's O.K.,' he said."