A new migrant relief center will open at a Holiday Inn in the Financial District, Mayor Eric Adams said Tuesday.

The 492-room facility will temporarily house adult families and single women and provide a range of other services offered at other migrant relief centers. More than 44,000 newly arrived migrants have arrived in the city since the spring, according to city estimates.

The announcement of the sixth migrant relief center follows Adams’ visit last month to the U.S. Southern border, where he renewed calls for federal intervention to help solve the crisis. It also follows a heated, multi-day standoff over conditions in a recently opened migrant relief center at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.

Last week, police and sanitation workers cleared out an encampment of asylum seekers outside a Midtown Hotel who had refused to relocate to the 1,000-bed facility for single men. The mayor himself slept at the facility overnight on Friday.

New York City Health and Hospitals and other contractors will run the newly announced facility on Washington Street, which will have majority bilingual staff, as is in the case in other migrant relief centers, according to a city hall email sent to local elected officials obtained by Gothamist.

The new center will also provide “non-congregate settings” and follow the city’s policies about such migrant relief centers for single adult women and families.