While it's always a treat to make fun of the mayor (and he makes it so easy for us), it turns out that many New Yorkers are actually supportive of Mayor Bloomberg's proposed changes to the noise code. The Daily News talks to many residents, who agree that noisy neighbors, barking dogs, and loud establishments are annoying. Even Howard Stern said about Mayor Bloomberg, "I love this guy. This guy is right on the right track. ... No one's respectful anymore. Sometimes you walk in a park - you've got guys blasting music. It's not fair."

Of course, some City Council members state how the part of the proposed noise code that would affect Mr. Softee trucks is stupid and they don't support it, clearly being cognizant of their future constituency of voters who are now little kids that love Mr. Softee. Mayor Bloomberg is pro-ice cream truck, but is sympathetic to those who are driven crazy by the music: "I like ice cream. My personal opinion is chocolate-and-vanilla swirl ... and I like to have a truck that can sell me an ice cream cone when I want it. But a lot of people find the constant playing of the jingle to be annoying when the truck sits in one place." Gothamist bets there's a secret truck that follows Mayor Bloomberg around, stopping whenever Bloomby has a hankering for some ice cream, kung pao chicken, red wine, or other vittles. [PS, the Post article has headline, "Mike Gets Creamed"...yes, dirty! Or we're just immature. Or both.]

Mr. Softee's website has the sheet music that Mr. Softee trucks play. And Gothamist on the proposed noise code changes.