2008_03_darrellissa.jpgRepresentativeDarrell Issa, a Republican from California, played the spoiler during the city's attempt to get federal money for sick first responders. Issa said the planes that flew into the World Trade Center weren't weapons like a dirty bomb, "It simply was an aircraft, residue of two aircraft, and residue from the materials used to build this building."

To which NYC counsel Michael Cardozo said, "Congressman, this was I believe an attack on the United States of America. It was located at Ground Zero, but it was an attack on America." The city is hoping the federal government will create another 9/11 victims' compensation fund.

Issa is opposed because he thinks the state and city should deal with it and questioned how much of the federal money had been giving paid out. He said, "I can't vote for additional money for New York if I can't see why it would be appropriate to do this every single time a similar situation happens, which quite frankly includes any urban terrorist. It doesn't have to be somebody from al Qaeda. It can be someone who decides that they don't like animal testing at one of our pharmaceutical facilities."

Representative Anthony Weiner was livid and said, "It's a violation of congressional protocol to punch a colleague in the nose, and never in my 10 years in Congress have I ever felt the desire to do it as much as I did today."