Last year, Queens high school teacher Tara Driscoll was charged with third-degree rape for allegedly having sex with a 16-year-old (male) student at a Long Island motel. Now Driscoll will avoid jail time and having a felony on her record because she's pleaded guilty to misdemeanor sexual misconduct and will serve six years on probation.

Last year, Driscoll, who was taught at Campus Magnet High School in Cambria Heights, was arrested after a student's mother found out he had slept with his teacher. At the time, police told Newsday, "We believe it to be a one-time deal. She picked him up on the day and they drove" to the motel after meeting somewhere in Queens. It's unclear whether the boy was one of her students.

Driscoll, now 34, will have to register as a Level 1 sex offender and give up her teacher's license. She will also have to move from her Bay Shore home because it is located near a school. The judge referred to the incident as an "incredibly bad decision you have made." The judge also noted that her probation report says she has a problem with alcohol, but prosecutors said alcohol wasn't involved in the crime.