Water water water; Photo: NY Post

If you just have a Brita to filter tap water, versus your own Poland Spring water cooler, don't fret: A study commissioned by the Post says that NYC tap water is great considering it's free. Now, Gothamist knows what you're thinking – "Study? By the Post? Of what, tabloid headlines' attention grabbing capability?" – but the study was conducted by the Univesity of North Carolina at Asheville, an accredited institution (ten bottled brands were tested and analyzed along the areas that the city tested NYC tap water in 2002). An advantage that bottled brands do have is less lead, but city officials say that if you let your tap run for a minute or more or boil it, the water is safer. City tap water also generally has more THMs, which can cause miscarriages, than bottled water, but the city water is still under federal action levels. Some bottled waters happened to have higher arsenic concentrations than tap, which not only sounds scary, it can lead to lung and bladder cancer. Jim Tierney, the state inspector general for the city's water supply, tells the Post, "There really is no reason to go out and buy bottled water in New York City. It doesn't make economic sense. It's 1,000 times the cost of tap water, and tap water is clean and healthful."

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